Add-on Courses

The Information Technology industry has been witnessing tremendous growth during the recent past. This growth is expected to be manifold during the next ten years, creating a huge demand for talented IT professionals.

KGiSL-IIM believes in developing IT education, which builds total personality of the students besides promoting creativity and professional excellence. Our college has tie-ups with world leaders CISCO and MICROSOFT for training and we are the one among 6 Microsoft training partners in India. During the span of their study period, our students will have the opportunities to acquire additional knowledge & skill of new IT professional courses like PHP, MYSOL, AJAX, Python etc.

The Lateral & Regular MCA Programme at KGiSL-IIM offers a constantly updated Add-On course along with University curriculum to reflect current industry practices of highest knowledge standards. The course is comprehensive:

Software engineering principles are emphasized by providing appropriate theoretical and technical knowledge together with the experience to apply those concepts in practical situations.

To make the students industry-ready and employable at the end of their MCA Programme. It has
designed to cater to the specific needs of a company or industry.

Add-on Course
Year Odd Semester Even Semester
II year
  1. Oracle 10g: Program with PL/SQ
  2. Oracle 10g: Intro to Sql
  3. Certification: Oracle certified Associate(OCA)
  4. Operating system Concepts Windows, Linux/Unix, RedHat
  1. HTML / CSS
  2. PHP
  3. Java Script
  4. AJAX
  5. Jquery
  6. Python
III year
  1. Advanced Web Programming
  2. PHP / MYSQL
  3. Post GRE SQL Smarty
  4. Cake PHP
  5. MVC
  6. Basics of Drupla / Joomla
  7. Apache Web Server Configuration
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